The Kennedy Harvard Essay

“What sort of human being will you be in the future?” That’s one of many questions I am reflecting on as I am in the process of writing my personal statement. Cycling through the wide range of subjects on The Atlantic ,I came across an article that revealed John.F Kennedy’s Harvard essay. This is what he wrote: 

“The reasons that I have for wishing to go to Harvard are several. I feel that Harvard can give me a better background and a better liberal education than any other university. I have always wanted to go there, as I have felt that it is not just another college, but is a university with something definite to offer. Then too, I would like to go to the same college as my father. To be a “Harvard man” is an enviable distinction, and one that I sincerely hope I shall attain.” April 23, 1935 by JFK

Not too complicated. However, the essay value the importance of status and personal connections. In fact, JFK did not have straight A’s. What conclusions can we draw from this? Do you have to be a top student to be successful?

Of course not! I believe that the best colleges in the world want extraordinary people rather than academic perfectionists. With social expectations, rules of engagement, public opinions or our own fears, we come up against pressures what we should do and it can put us in positions where we make choices not in line with who we are. As a result, you have to go against the system to achieve greater things in life. In other words, what top colleges, like Harvard, look for is your hobbies. Your hobby is the most accurate thing about you and defines who you are. A persons character is determined when they are given the free choice to do something of their interest and that’s what makes extraordinary people, like JFK.

It may be wise to receive a college degree. You make decent money, you can support your family and you are not a burden for government nor society. Nevertheless, if you want to achieve great things, you should focus on your hobbies and special talent. What do you want? If you know what you want, Harvard or any top college, wants to be a part of that journey.