I am a 25 year old Swedish woman.

Self-made entrepreneur, influencer and policy maker.

I enjoy the responsibility the position of a leader requires. My curiosity to explore new cultures brought me to America as an exchange student. Being away from home developed awareness about the society that has shaped my outlook on the world. 

To emphasise the importance of discussion, I decided to join the largest political youth association in Sweden. This have taught me incredibly much about politics and how to work purposefully with a team, which is valuable in various leadership contexts. With my strong beliefs I want to reconcile my small town background and values with my big dreams.

Via my personal website you can easily find information about me, my experiences and achievements. The aim is to create a platform where I can reach out to people and share different adventures, opinions and feelings. I hope this website will expose you to some disagreements that will enrich your understanding of the world. 

Welcome to the world of Julia Klingberg!